Inspire and develop
employee engagement.


Increase Retention

The annual cost of millenial turnover in the US is $31 billion. Refine the process of hiring, training and developing employees.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable. Take a proactive approach to evaluating performance.

Recognize and Reward

Collect feedback from multiple stakeholders inside and outside of your organization to empower and celebrate staff achievement.


What is Well iQ?

Well iQ provides organizations a digital platform for gathering employee performance feedback from multiple stakeholders including: partners, peers and managers. Our intellectual property gives companies an innovative framework to incentivize, analyze, and apply feedback to employee development objectives. We started focusing on Healthcare and quickly realized that peer to peer feedback for organizations is a capability that is where out platform shines.

"Frequent feedback on every person involved in your organization."

Why Well iQ?

Benefits Your Business

  • Drive comprehensive stakeholder engagement from peers, partners and clients
  • Streamline the feedback process to improve frequency and address developmental opportunities
  • Reduce the hard and soft costs of employee turnover

Drives Staff Engagement

  • Create a culture that celebrates achievement
  • Identify company values and recognize the personnel that best embody them
  • Measure and reward behaviors that matter

Improves Client Satisfaction

  • Empower clients to be a part of improving the service they receive
  • Demonstrate responsiveness to client feedback
  • Link team performance to clients’ expectations

A Powerful Reporting Dashboard

All of the feedback you receive is nothing without a powerful way to look at the data.



Quickly identify your most engaged staff to recognize and reward them.


View written feedback and address any issues that may arise in real-time.


Choose from several reports to analyze your data as it comes in.


We take data privacy seriously using TrueVault for the best PII compliance.

It's time to see it for yourself!

Contact Us and we will show you how staff feedback should be gathered.