Inspire and develop employee engagement.

What is Well iQ?

Well iQ provides organizations a digital platform for gathering employee performance feedback from multiple stakeholders including: partners, peers and managers. Our intellectual property gives companies an innovative framework to incentivize, analyze, and apply feedback to employee development objectives.

"Frequent feedback on every person involved in your organization."

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Why Well iQ?

Proactive Experience


Drive comprehensive stakeholder engagement via peer- to- peer, partner- to- company and manager- to- employee feedback.

Predictive Experience


Drive engagement and retention by measuring and rewarding behaviors and performance that reflect your company’s values.

Passenger Experience


Empower and incentivize clients to be a part of improving your teams’ performance and demonstrate responsiveness to their feedback.

Why does it matter?

As the millennial workforce continues to grow, organizations are compelled to address the ease with which this employee group moves between jobs and industries in search of maximizing their earning potential and sense of meaning in their work. There exists a clear advantage for companies that create a culture based on the employee- client bond. This bond can be translated into recognition and reward schemes that mitigate the hard and soft costs associated with employee turnover.

“Enable and empower your team to succeed, then provide consistent feedback.”
- Shane Green, SGEi

“Create recognition programs that have manager and employee- initiated rewards”
-Michael Levy, Online Rewards

Why Partner?

  • User Friendly. Easy to use mobile interface is accessible and allows for contextual feedback on employee behaviors.
  • Track performance. Target the behaviors you value and promote retention by recognizing and rewarding the employees that best embody them.
  • Real-time Data. Incentivize stakeholder responsiveness and swiftly respond to clients’ needs- exceeding their expectations.
  • Managed dashboard. Access stakeholder feedback, employee and departmental information in one place. Assign appropriate administrative access. Generate reports and digital content.
  • Ease of implementation Frictionless set- up requires no integration, is completely configurable and compatible with existing HR systems, and can be executed with minimal lead times.